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FRF Articles

This section of Florida River Fishing will contain trip reports and articles about certain techniques and really anything else related to fishing in moving water. Over time, most of the content found here will be supplied by you, the members of Florida River Fishing. If you would like to submit an article, you can e-mail me or just post it somewhere on the FRF Message Board. I can stick it up in this section of FRF since this is easier to find than things are sometime on the message board. Don't worry about writing your article perfectly either as I'm a pretty good editor!

Ultra-Vibe Bassin'

Playing Bassball on the Wakulla and Wacissa

Withlacoochee: Episode I

Withlacoochee: Episode II

Withlacoochee: Episode III

The Mysterious Myakka

Sweating and Shivering on the Wekiva

How to Catch River Largemouths

Suwannee Bass (and more) In the Wakulla River